Front end Developer

  • Job Ref: 3908
  • Location: Dublin, United Kingdom
  • Type: Permanent


The right person will be a self-motivated, eager-to-learn individual with a passion for frontend development.The shifting landscape of what’s trending in the frontend development ecosystem excites you and you want to commit yourself to the challenge of learning and being mentored in all things frontend. For you, there is no question in your mind that becoming a frontend development master is your chosen discipline and you couldn’t imagine frontend development without you being a part of it. Beyond coding you should enjoy working in an evolving industry.

Most important:

  • 4+ years of software development experience
  • Expert knowledge of HTML & CSS along with the ability to translate designs into pixel-perfect code
  • Advanced knowledge of vanilla JavaScript and at least one major library/framework like JQuery (although more is great)
  • Familiarity with front-end JS frameworks like React and Vue
  • A keen eye for spotting UI/UX shortcomings and improvements in your work and other’s
  • Experience developing reliable code for cross-browser, cross-platform experiences in a mobile-first approach
  • A strong desire to not only join a team but be mentored in Frontend Development
  • A passion for engineering and technology

Nice to have:

  • Experience with working remotely
  • Past experience working in an Agile team that implements daily Scrums
  • Experience working with Node.js applications and workflow automation tools like Gulp/Grunt
  • Experience with CSS preprocessors like Sass or Less
  • Experience using a VCS application correctly, such as Git
  • Familiar/involved with open­-source projects

Personal Traits:

  • Independent
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken
  • Proven track record of always learning and growing
  • Proactive attitude


  • Get the chance to work in an exciting industry
  • Stock Options