Java Developer - Contract


  • Experience of developing software using enterprise Java.
  • Strong understanding of Design Patterns (in particular those documented EAI patterns catalogues). 5+ years’ experience of using a dependency injection container such as Spring.
  • Experience of systems integration tools and technologies such as ESB, Web Services, REST etc.
  • Experience of using Object Relational Mapping tools such as Hibernate
  • Database schema design including normalisation, de-normalisation and query performance analysis.


  • Experience of developing dynamic web applications using AngularJS, JQuery, Javascript.
  • Experience of developing web application user interfaces with HTML, CSS.


  • Experience of working within an Agile environment utilising methods such as Scrum or XP.
  • Experience of managing a continuous integration environment such as Cruise Control, Jenkins/Hudson etc.
  • Experience of developing automated acceptance tests using frameworks such as Selenium, Fitnesse etc.
  • Experience of applying test driven development techniques using frameworks such as JUnit, TestNG, JMock, EasyMock etc.
  • Experience of code quality reporting using tools such as Sonar, Crucible etc.