JEE Developer

  • Job Ref: 1713
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Type: Temporary







Client Name:


Job Title:

Telecom JEE Senior designer  and Tester



Reporting to:

Rumman Sayed


Athlone, Ireland


Telecom –OSS ( Operation Support Systems)

Job Purpose and primary objectives:

  • Senior Software Designer
  • Coordination across multiple teams

Key responsibilities (please specify if the position is an individual one or part of a team):               

  • Design new solutions/features for OSS
  • Coordinate with Ericsson-Athlone and TCS-Hyderabad teams
  • Provide technical on-call support for live customer issues
  • Help the TCS-Hyderabad team by providing technical support
  • Supervisory / Managerial responsibilities (please specify if the position will have persons reporting to it):     


  • Other responsibilities – Budgets, targets, equipment etc (please specify):

Work for identifying new areas of growth

Key Skills/Knowledge:

  • JEE (EJB3.0), JBOSS, Arquilian, Junit, Open stack (ODL)
  • Javascript
  • Jenkins, GIT, GERRIT
  • Versant Database, Sybase
  • Scripting knowledge e.g. Shell, Perl or Java
  • Excellent Communication and coordination skills

Experience required:

  1. 3-5 years experience in Telecom network management for Operation Support Systems and technical skills mentioned above
  2. Installation and small upgrades within OSS, FCAPS
  3. Independent and efficient in troubleshooting FM, PM, CM, PLT technical areas of OSS
  4. Product Performance profiling and tuning
  5. Experience in Agile methodology

Duration of the Assignment:

1 year

Start Date (please mention the date not ASAP) :

Nov 1 2015

Rate per day/month of billing that TCS will get from client:

Billing from Client would be 59.7 USD/ hr

Salary Range Payable (please specify if sales incentive plan will be applicable):

4K to 6K Euro/month

No sales incentive

Number of persons required:


Special working conditions (travel, on call etc):

  1. Might need to travel to India per quarter for trainings and work sync
  2. On call support for end customers (at&t, Verizon, Softbank, China Telecom, Turkcell)

Additional remarks (if any):


Person Specification:

I.e. Negotiating, client facing, communication, assertive, team leading/team member skills, supportive.

Fluent in English. Crisp in communication, active member helping others out and creating a positively oriented team



The above is an accurate and concise description of the said position.    

Prepared by (Requestor) (Name and Role):  Akash Gupta, Operations and Relationship Manager  TCS Ericsson NAM  

Employee Number:  110478                                 

Signature: Akash Gupta

Date: 11-Sep-2015