Senior DevOps Engineer

  • Job Ref: 1931
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Type: Permanent


Job Title

Sr DevOps Engineer

Job Description

Our Client is one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors, Their Innovative Digital Products Department is a new division making apps, websites, platforms and tools to compliment the guitars, amps and audio gear that our client makes.

Our Client is building a digital ecosystem of products and interactive experiences for the new and experienced player alike. They are aiming to create products — digital and physical — that enable all players at every point in their musical journey.

They are looking for an experienced engineer to help build their microservice infrastructure on AWS from (almost) the ground up. We will focus on minimizing frustration - getting the nuts and bolts out of the way so our developers can be nimble and creative, and automating the daylights out of things so the oncall is as painless as possible. Your skillset will augment and complement existing resources - we benefit from broad knowledge, not a clone army.



You are an operations engineer that

  • Focuses on repeatability and disaster recovery by documenting infrastructure as code
  • Anticipates issues and optimizes constantly. Things are never really “done” and should evolve
  • Writes clear, concise documentation to prevent compartmentalized knowledge
  • Works well in a dedicated but flexible environment that avoids red tape in the interest of productivity
  • Designs systems from the jump with security in mind
  • Collaborates well with other teams, especially developers - we are here to serve them
  • Knows the ins and outs of CDNs and the benefits of caching (and maybe knows a little Varnish)
  • Subscribes (more or less) to the 12-factor methodology
  • Understands the benefits of a healthy work/life balance and endeavors in service of maintaining those boundaries
  • With few exceptions, we aren't married to any product or method - we will use whatever tool is right for the task. That said, you should be able to distinguish between a new tool that is actually useful and when it's just fresh and flashy.

What you need for this position:

  • Experience with modern open source web technologies
  • Extensive experience with and deep understanding of AWS products and automation
  • Strong background with monitoring systems including Logstash/Kibana, New Relic, Pagerduty, etc.
  • Knowledge of the Git command line and workflow (i.e. GitFlow methods)
  • Experience with Chef / Puppet / Ansible or similar.
  • Experience with security hardening is a BIG plus.
  • Be curious. There's always something that can be improved, even if you haven't thought of it yet. Especially if you haven't thought of it yet.
  • We like related extracurriculars. Tinkerer with Arduino? IoT? Like to hack instruments? So do we.
  • You know the boilerplate: high-traffic, high-availability, CS background, critical thinker, polyglot (re: programming), Linux, databases, networking, etc.


  • Implementation, operation and monitoring of our front- and back-end infrastructure
  • Share in 24x7x365 on-call responsibilities
  • Write runbooks so developers can share on-call duties
  • Consult with other teams during design phase to set realistic expectations


Education Requirements

Bachelors degree preferred or the equivalent work experience



John Ryan, Senior Recruitment Consultant - Your e-Frontiers consultant for this job

John is one of our recruitment consultants on the Technical Infrastructure Division of e-Frontiers and has been with the company since June 2012. John brings over 12 years recruitment experience to the e-Frontiers team having previously worked for one of Ireland’s biggest recruitment companies. He has worked with many of the Ireland’s leading IT companies and has experience of sourcing technical candidates across all levels. He has also gained valuable on-site client recruitment experience from various recruitment projects. John studied Business Studies in Dublin Business School. He prides himself on his professional and logical approach to recruitment.

Specialises in: Senior Windows Engineers, System Support, Linux Administrators, Unix Administrators, Security Consultants, Virtualisation Specialists, Unix Specialists, Infrastructure Consultants, Cloud Automation Specialists, Office 365 Specialists, Windows Engineers