Senior Software Engineer (java)


We are looking for a TOP level Senior Software Engineer for an Innovative Big Data Company in Madrid:


- Develop new features and API services and maintain the Web Application, Rest Apis
- Participate in all the development phases: testing, integration,..

Minimum requirements
- 5 years of software development experience.

- Good knowledge of two or more programming languages, preferably Java and JavaScript.

- Good knowledge of Relational Model and Databases, and SQL

- Good knowledge of some Web development framework ( Struts2, Spring, Jersey..)
- Experience developing software other than web or accounting software (gaming, engineering, drivers, compilers, ...)
- Experience working on Unix/Linux environments.
- Good knowledge of data structures and algorithms.
- Ability to solve maths and algorithms problems.
- Enjoy learning and problem solving.

- Good knowledge  any NoSQL Databases

- Experience in developing High Scalability Systems

- Experience designing and developing Rest APIs.
- B.S. (or superior) degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a related technical field of study.

- English, good communication Skills




  • Strong development experience.
  • Full software engineer, not only developer.
  • Mainly with Java and Javascript.
  • They can consider strong Javascript with very good knowledge in backend.
  • Developer Lover
  • High level of English
  • Someone interested in working with very strong product as a Software Enginee/Arquitect, no someone interested in PM or management role in the future.
  • Familiar with data structures and algorithms.