UI/UX Designer

  • Job Ref: 3488
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Type: Permanent


Company Overview:
Digital entertainment company. Through innovation we aspire to give our
customers the most compelling and entertaining gaming experience possible. We are
bringing the very best in e-Commerce practices to the gaming sector.
We have developed our own gaming platform and are continually improving it. This allows us
to be innovative and extremely agile. Our goal is to disrupt, through innovation, the current
status quo and become the leading digital entertainment company in Western Europe.

Job Description:
This is a permanent opportunity within our Product team for a specialist UX / UI Designer.
The UX team creates and iterates designs and prototypes for new product introduction, and
ongoing product improvements.
We’re looking for a designer who can use PhotoShop, Illustrator, and prototyping tools.
Other tools are good too, we’re not wedded to one and prefer to use the right one for the job
at hand.
You’ll be an integral member of close-knit team consisting of UX and UI designers, with
freedom to experiment.
You will closely collaborate with product management, business analyst, front-end
development, and quality assurance teams.
You’ll have some understanding of product development; the impact that your designs have
upon it and the teams you work with.
We work in a Lean UX and agile development. You’ll frequently witness your efforts go live
and have real impact on our customers.

Key Responsibilities:
• Collaborating very closely with other UX / UI designers to deliver high quality design outputs.
• Producing high-quality designs and prototypes to test and evaluate and demonstrate
interactions with customers, stakeholders, and developers.
• Contributing creativity, research, analysis, and craft knowledge to the strategic and tactical
design discussions.
• Competitor analysis, and design research to contribute to your understanding of what makes
good product.
• Iterating fast to create natural interactions that make sense to customers and deliver
convenience and meaning across our product.
• Actively contributing to a design pattern library blending reusable front-end user story
descriptions with design assets will be one of your core ongoing activities.

Essential Requirements:
• You have 2-4 years' experience in a similar role.
• You have the enthusiastic attitude and demonstrable aptitude to successfully deliver in a
fast-paced, dynamic environment.
• You have excellent communication skills.
• You’re happy to voice an opinion, are open-minded and empathetic to other perspectives
and requirements.
• You can express the research and requirements that guided your design decisions to
complement and justify the visual outputs of design activity.
• You have the focus and discipline to execute a vision by using design patterns to avoid
reinventing any wheels for simple elements and challenges already solved.
• You excel at being a team player. We believe strongly in collaboration – it’s more innovative,
fun, and rewarding that way.
• You demonstrate excellent attention to detail.

• You have some experience in user testing; be face-to-face or through online products.
• You should have an interest in sport, but you don’t have to be overly knowledgeable about